Build Your Own Beer Box

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Add any combination of beers to create your own mixed box of 12 beers!

If you wish to make more than one mixed box please add your first to cart and then start a new beer box.

  • Greene King Abbot Ale
    Abbot Ale


  • Abbot Reserve
    Abbot Reserve


  • Greene King IPA
    Greene King IPA


  • East Coast IPA
    East Coast IPA


  • Yardbird Pale Ale
    Yardbird Pale Ale


  • Tolly English Ale
    Tolly English Ale


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  • Greene King XX Mild
    XX Mild


  • Ruddles County
    Ruddles County


  • Ruddles Best
    Ruddles Best


  • Ridley's Old Bob
    Old Bob


  • Low Alcohol Old Speckled Hen
    Low Alcohol Old Speckled Hen


  • Old Crafty Hen
    Old Crafty Hen


  • Old Speckled Hen
    Old Speckled Hen


  • Old Golden Hen
    Old Golden Hen


  • Old Hoppy Hen bottle
    Old Hoppy Hen


  • Belhaven Black
    Belhaven Black


  • Belhaven 80 Shilling
    Belhaven 80 Shilling


  • Belhaven St Andrews
    Belhaven St Andrews


  • Belhaven Robert Burns
    Belhaven Robert Burns


  • Gluten-Free Old Speckled Hen
    Gluten-free Old Speckled Hen


  • Greene King IPA Gluten-Free
    Gluten-free Greene King IPA


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Name Description
Old Speckled Hen – 500ml bottle A distinctive rich malty taste bursting with toffee character. 5% ABV.
Old Golden Hen – 500ml bottle Brewed the rare Galaxy hop to give the light golden colour, subtle tropical fruit notes and a deliciously smooth finish. 4.1% ABV.
Old Hoppy Hen – 500ml bottle Biscuity and toffee notes, with grapefruit citrus, tropical fruits and fresh hop finish – a satisfying bitterness. 4.2% ABV.
Old Crafty Hen – 500ml bottle A strong fine ale combines the malty taste with a smooth raisin finish. 6.5% ABV.
Hen’s Tooth – 500ml bottle A unique bottle-conditioned ale with an original gravity of 1059, full of flavour and character with a richly malted aroma. 6.5% ABV.
Abbot Ale – 500ml bottle Brewed for longer using pale, amber and crystal malts, making it a full flavoured, smooth and mature beer. 5% ABV.
Abbot Reserve – 500ml bottle Big flavoursome dishes, spicy pear pudding and aged cheeses. 6.55% ABV.
Greene King IPA – 500ml bottle A perfectly balanced beer, characterised by its hoppy taste and aroma that comes from Challenger and First Gold hops, combined with pale and crystal malts. 3.6% ABV.
East Coast IPA – 500ml bottle Bold, brash American style IPA with lip-smacking bitterness and punchy citrus and tropical fruit flavours. 4% ABV.
Tolly English Ale – 500ml bottle This fine amber beer has been brewed with a complex mix of hops to produce a balanced bitterness with strong tropical notes. 2.8% ABV.
Ruddles Best – 500ml bottle A classic English ale with hoppy, citrus undertones balanced with bitterness and a light sweetness.  3.7% ABV.
Old Bob – 500ml bottle A wonderful blend of hops that give spicy and citrus fruit flavours leading into a dried fruit and biscuit malt finish. 5.1% ABV.
Belhaven Black – 500ml bottle Bursting with roast coffee and chocolate flavours, this is a truly genuine and premium pint. 4.2% ABV.
Belhaven 80 Shilling – 500ml bottle Pale malt gives a satisfying maltiness and black malt adds balance to the sweetness. 3.9% ABV.
Belhaven St Andrews – 500ml bottle A balanced, full-bodied and malty amber ale. 4.6% ABV.
Belhaven Robert Burns – 500ml bottle Rich Scottish toffee combined with subtle malty aftertaste. 4.2% ABV.
Low Alcohol Old Speckled Hen. 500ml bottle Taste and aroma evocative of Old Speckled Hen but with 54% fewer calories.. 0.5% ABV.


12 x products of your choice. 2.8% ABV to 6.5% ABV


Hen’s ToothContains Malted Barley

Name Allergen Info
Old Speckled Hen Contains Malted Barley
Old Golden Hen Contains Malted Barley
Old Hoppy Hen Contains Malted Barley and Rye
Old Crafty Hen Contains Malted Barley
Abbot Ale Contains Malted Barley
Abbot Reserve Contains Malted Barley
Greene King IPA Contains Malted Barley
East Coast IPA Contains Malted Barley
Tolly English Ale Contains Malted Barley and Wheat
Ruddles Best Contains Malted Barley
Old Bob Contains Malted Barley and Wheat
Belhaven Black Contains Malted Barley
Belhaven 80 Shilling Contains Malted Barley
Belhaven St Andrews Contains Malted Barley
Greene King XX Mild Contains Malted Barley