Gangly Ghoul

6/12 x 500ml bottles
alc. 4.2% vol.

An easy drinking ebony beer with a warming toffee character and a touch of orange peel citrus and spiciness.

500ml bottles

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Colour:  Dark ebony

Aroma:  Malty, toffee

Taste:  Toffee malt, fresh hop

Malt:  Pale, Crystal

Hops:  Admiral, Pilgrim, First Gold

Gangly Ghoul uses some crystal malt in the recipe as well as a special brewing sugar. Both of these ingredients give a warming toffee character to the beer with the special brewing sugar adding an extra rich fruit cake note. Admiral and Pilgrim hops add a fresh ‘dry hop’ or classic ‘English hop’ flavour often described as herbal. The First Gold hops in the recipe contribute a touch of orange peel citrus and some spiciness. All of these ingredients together contribute to an easy drinking beer with enough complexity to maintain interest.

Perfect with: Smoked sausage or meats, hearty foods and warming stews

Contains Malted Barley