Gluten-Free Mixed Pack

6 x 500ml IPA | 6 X 500ml Old Speckled Hen
IPA alc. 3.6% vol. | Old Speckled Hen alc. 5% vol.

Your favourite beers now available as Gluten-free! The beers contain no more than 20 mg/kg of gluten which, according to Coeliac UK, research shows people diagnosed as coeliac can eat unlimited amounts of products with gluten present at or less than this level.

12 x 500ml bottles.


Gluten-Free Greene King IPA × 6

An English ale favourite is now available gluten-free. Gluten-Free Greene King IPA has had a bit of a makeover, but remains the same great tasting beer!


Gluten-Free Old Speckled Hen × 6

The nations favourite premium ale brewed using some clever brewing techniques to make it gluten-free.

You might have noticed that our famous gluten-free ale has had a bit of a makeover...Whilst is might look different, it still tastes the same as the beer you know and love!

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Old Speckled Hen

Colour: Auburn Copper

Aroma: Malty, Toffee, Lightly Roasted

Taste: Warming, Fruity, Malty, Toffee

Malt: Pale, Crystal

Hops: Challenger, Pilgrim, First Gold, Goldings

A high proportion of Crystal malt in Old Speckled Hen provides the key toffee/caramel flavour. The yeast used to ferment the beer provides the other key character – estery or banana/pear drop. This estery note provides the fruity and refreshing balance. The hops used add a palate cleansing herbal note and very slight orange citrus. A very malty, full bodied and warming ale.

Perfectly complements tasteful, quality British foods, premium pies, gravies, sausages and weekend BBQ’s. Works perfectly with Sticky Toffee Pudding too!


Colour:  Tawny amber

Aroma:  Fresh, clean & hoppy

Taste: Hoppy, dry & refreshing

Malt:  Pale, Crystal & Black

Hops:  Challenger, Pilgrim & First Gold

An easy drinking IPA.  Fresh dry hop and herbal character is provided by the mix of Challenger and First gold hops.  The use of crystal malt in the grist gives a satisfying toffee/caramel note and the addition of a little black malt adds just enough astringency to give a clean dry finish.

Perfect with: Curry, spicy foods and lighter blue cheeses.

Contains Malted Barley and Rye

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