Greene King IPA Gold

6/12 x 500ml bottles
alc. 4.1% vol.

IPA Gold features the aromatic Savinsjki Goldings hop variety, with late hopping (the addition of hops during the later stages of the boiling process) creating a blend of tropical fruit and spicy notes, with a clean bitter taste and a crisp dry finish.

500ml bottles

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Colour:  Blonde, light gold

Aroma:  Floral with citrus fruit

Taste:  Floral, tropical fruit, sweet malt

Malt:  Pale

Hops:  Whitbread Goldings Variety and Slovenian Goldings

Fragrant and fruity; Complex mix of lemon citrus, floral and spicy hop.  Soft tropical fruit with sweet malt and moderate body.  Crisp bitterness to balance.

Perfect with: Light salad dishes and fish as well as most cheeses.

Contains Malted Barley