Belhaven Black Cans

12/24 x 440ml cans
alc. 4.2% vol.

Belhaven Black Scottish Stout really is something completely different. Bursting with roast coffee and chocolate flavours, this is a truly genuine and premium pint. Brewed using pure Scottish water and a unique blend of Scottish triple malts sourced from the finest locally grown barley. Enjoy a smooth, deep and distinctive taste experience!

440ml cans.

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Colour:  Dark Ebony

Aroma:  Roasted malt, Chocolate

Taste:  Roasted Malt, Coffee, Dark Chocolate

Malt:  Pale, Crystal, Chocolate and Roasted Barley

Hops:  Challenger

Taste:  Fresh roasted aroma and taste with a hint of coffee from the roasted barley.  The addition of chocolate malt adds a dark chocolate complexity.  Simply hopped with Challenger to provide a clean low level bitterness.  The dry hop character from challenger is kept to a minimum allowing the key roasted and chocolate flavours to come to the fore.

Contains Malted Barley

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